= identical, matching, equal, same difference, the.
Ex. The DISPLAY command is identical to the TYPE command except when using a format which includes only a few lines per record.
Ex. By selecting this qualifier all works having a matching number of pages will be included in the search.
Ex. Collection development should ideally involve de-acquisitions as an on-going program of equal importance.
Ex. The article 'Online, CD-ROM and Web: is it the same difference? discusses some obstacles to the use of electronic information.
* al igual que = as with, like, in common with, much as, after the fashion of, so too, similar to, much like.
* al igual que con todo en la vida = as with everything in life.
* al igual que + Nombre = not unlike + Nombre.
* a partes iguales = share and share alike, in equal measure(s).
* así como ... de igual modo ... = just as ... so ....
* a todos por igual = one size fits all.
* de igual forma = in like manner, in a like manner, in like fashion, in like vein.
* de igual longitud = of equal length.
* de igual manera = by the same token, in like fashion, in like manner, in like vein, in equal measure(s).
* de igual modo = alike, equally, in like fashion, in like manner, in like vein.
* de igual modo que = just as, just as well ... as ..., along the lines of, on the lines (of).
* de igual + Nombre = equally + Adjetivo.
* en igual medida = similarly.
* entonces al igual que ahora = then as now.
* igual da = same difference, the.
* igualdad de retribución por un trabajo de igual valor = equal pay for equal work.
* iguales de largo = of equal length.
* igual para todos = one size fits all.
* igual que = on the lines (of).
* las cosas siguen igual = business as usual.
* no somos todos iguales = one size doesn't fit all.
* para todos por igual = across the board [across-the-board].
* participar por igual en = have + an equal voice in.
* permanecer igual = remain + unchanged.
* por igual = alike, on an equitable basis, equally, in equal measure(s).
* quedar igual = remain + the same.
* quedarse igual = be none the wiser.
* referencias laterales a términos de igual especificidad = sideways link.
* seguir igual = be none the worse for wear.
* ser igual a = be equivalent to, equal.
* ser igual que = amount to + the same thing as.
* signo igual = equals sign.
* si todo sigue igual = all (other) things being equal.
* todos por igual = share and share alike.
* tratar de igual modo = treat as + equal.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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